Onyx Shower Reviews: Exploring Your Dream Bathroom Options

The Onyx shower products have become popular due to their durability, which stands the test of time. Not only are these shower products easy to clean, but they are also custom made with plenty of options to suit every taste and every bathroom need. Choose from the Onyx Collection’s wide variety of shower pans, shower bases, shower doors, and complete shower kits to transform your bathroom into something exceptional.

Onyx Shower Pan

The term “shower pan” usually refers to the most visible part of the shower floor, which generally comes in one solid piece that sits on top of the shower base. Shower pans may be flat, or slightly sloped to channel water towards the drain. All of the Onyx collection products are made with mostly hydrate crystal, alumina, and a unique polyester resin. There is a very thin gel coating on the surface that is highly resistant to water, minimizing the buildup of molds, mildews and other common bathroom bacteria. These unique ingredients are what make Onyx shower pans very easy to keep clean. Choose from different styles of shower pans, such as:

-63 gloss colors (including shades of terracotta, indigo, and tiramisu)
-30 matte finish colors (including shades of blizzard, moss, and sandstone)

One of the most customer friendly aspects of Onyx is their willingness to send you free samples by mail of the colors you are interested in, so that you can see for yourself exactly how your choice will look in your own home environment. There is no substitute for being able to match colors with a real sample in your hands, for only then will you know for sure if you’ve selected the perfect color.

These carefully designed shower pan surfaces are backed by a lifetime guarantee just like all of the Onyx shower products, so any faulty products will be quickly replaced or refunded as the need arises.

Onyx shower reviews have described their shower pans as providing excellent non-slip surfaces for seniors, with virtually no complaints after installation. The selection of textures for Onyx shower pans, as well as tile trims and inlay options, also greatly impressed customers. These shower pans are very sturdy and well made, making them a great investment for any home. Customers were also very happy that the unique Onyx hydrate crystal and polyester surface does not accumulate deposits like other natural stone surface shower floors. Even better, people love that the gloss surface shower pans are IMPOSSIBLE to stain! The matte finish surfaces are highly durable, but might develop slight stains over time if you clean with heavy chemicals such as bleach. The best part about all shower pans and other Onyx surfaces is that they will never leak either.

Onyx Shower Pan Prices can be around $700 for a custom made 32 inch by 36 inch shower pan (in these cases you pay extra because this example is not a standard size). Considering the long life of these shower pans, the cost is well worth it.

Onyx Shower Base

When the term “shower base” is used, it is either interchangeable with the term “shower pan” or meant to describe the foundation underneath the shower flooring. The Onyx collection offers great shower bases in all shapes and sizes to go along with their high quality shower pans. Custom bases from the Onyx collection are made and supported by a combination of materials:

-3/8 of an inch thick Onyx material external surface
-1/2 an inch of sheetrock underneath the Onyx surface
-2×4 plywood framing

Shower base types available from Onyx include ramp style curbs, full height curbs, low profile curbs, double threshold showers, and neo-angle showers. A great benefit is that Onyx shower bases can be installed on almost any common surface such as tiles, underlayment boards, concrete, vinyl, and similar materials. It is recommended to use silicone when doing the final sealing of all of the edges.

Reviews of Onyx collection shower bases were excellent, and even professional remodellers insist that nothing lasts longer than good Onyx material, except maybe granite! One of the great advantages of installing Onyx materials is that they are easier to cut and more difficult to crack when putting together than other materials like cultured marble. A standard electric jigsaw with a normal metal cutting blade is all you need to cut and trim Onyx material when installing. Most importantly, as long as the floor underneath is completely level and flat you won’t have to worry about any stress cracks or other problems with your shower base or pan in the future.

Standard sizes of shower bases from the Onyx collection can start at around $300 or more, and they give tailored estimates to each customer depending on their requests.

Onyx Shower Doors

There are a total of six classic Onyx shower doors to select from to complete your new shower:

-Single hinged door which is frameless on top
-Hinged door with a panel, also semi-frameless
-Neo-angle semi-frameless door
-Bypass slider doors with handlebars
-Bypass slider doors without handlebars
-Fully frameless 3/8 of an inch thick glass door with hinges

All Onyx shower reviews speak very highly about these doors as being the perfect complement to their new shower, even available in extra tall sizes! These doors are just as special as the Onyx showers that they lead into. A frameless shower door is always more expensive than a framed door, and can be around $800 depending on the distributor and your specifications.

Finally, none of the Onyx shower reviews would be complete without mentioning that all of the above components can be ordered in a complete Onyx shower kit, tailored especially to your requirements. There is also a popular tub replacement kit you can buy that includes a shower base, wall panels, corner seat, shower door, and a caddy. Generally you should expect to pay more than $1,000 for a complete shower kit, but remember that estimates are highly variable depending upon what you want and your personal options.

In nearly every one of the many Onyx shower reviews, customers commented repeatedly on how friendly and helpful the customer support is from the Onyx collection. Customer representatives are knowledgeable and offer helpful suggestions even about how to save money on your home installations. With such excellent service and a quality product that lasts a lifetime, the Onyx collection is certainly a trustworthy bathroom remodel authority.

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